RPE-100 PCI Express Broadcom XLP 3xx Packet Processor Card

Broadcom XLP 3xx Packet Processing Card

The JumpGen Systems RPE-100 PCIe Broadcom XLP 3xx Packet Processor Card is a high-performance network processor PCI Express card designed for use in PCI Express compliant systems. It features the latest Broadcom XLP 3xx series processors with up to 1.6GHz core frequency. The RPE-100 can be delivered with up to 8GB of dual-channel 72-bit wide DDR3 ECC memory running at 1600MT/s. Two 10GigE SFP+ interfaces are provided on the front panel. Refer to the block diagram for detail.

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Network Processing Units
  • Broadcom XLP304, XLP308, or XLP316
    • 2-4 cores – each quad-issue, 4-way simultaneous multi-threaded
    • 64-bit MIPS64 Release-II ISA with enhanced instructions
    • 64KB L1-I Cache per core
    • 32KB L2-D Cache per core
    • 512KB L2 Cache per core
    • Up to 4MB L3 Cache (shared)
    • Out-of-order processing
    • IEEE754-compliant floating point unit per core
    • 800 MHz – 1.6 GHz core frequency
  • Accelerators Engines
    • Up to 10Gbps bulk encryption/decryption
    • Up to 7.5K RSA key exchanges per second
    • Up to 10Gbps Regular Expression processor
  • IEEE1588v2 PTP controller
  • Up to 8GB of DDR3 memory w/ ECC on dual-channel x72 bus
  • DDR3 clock rate up to 1600MT/s
I/O Capabilities
  • Two front panel SFP+ 10GigE sites
  • PCI Express Gen2 x4 to base board
  • Broadcom XLP SDK
    • Linux Distribution
    • Lightweight fast path executive
    • Debug and development tools
    • Example software and benchmark code
  • Other Linux distributions supported, contact your sales representative for details
Mechanical and Environmental
  • Standard single-slot PCI Express card form factor
    • Half Length
    • Full Height
      • Operating temperature range: 0 to 35°C ambient, assuming 20°C rise inside chassis
      • Humidity: 0 to 95% (non-condensing)
      • Typical power consumption: 18-40W, depending on XLP3xx and speed selection
  • Designed and manufactured to meet the following requirements
    • FCC Class A
    • CE
    • IEC 60950
    • NEBS Level 3
  • Company will get certifications as required to meet specific customer requirements

Block Diagram

Broadcom XLP pcie card