CSW-1240 Trident II Server-Switch Appliance

Broadcom Trident IIJumpGen Systems is employing the latest Broadcom Trident II switch technology on hardware that combines the functionality of a server and a switch into a single, compact, rackmount appliance.

Server-Switch Appliance
The CSW-1240 Server-Switch Appliance features:
* Broadcom Trident II BCM56850 switch
* Intel Xeon® E5 v2 family processor
* 48 rear-panel ports
* 8x 10G SFP+ ports

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JumpGen Systems possesses the expertise and direct access to vendors to provide fast time-to-market designs using the latest silicon technology in custom form factors. JumpGen Systems offers rapid turnaround on application-specific platforms without requiring a large upfront commitment. We can design fully custom hardware in record time by reusing the experience and the proven design of our current products. Our customers get high performance, the latest technologies and fast time-to-market. As a partner, we offer flexibility, agility, and an engineering team with a proven track record of success and experience in manufacturing high performance blades and appliances for the embedded market.