CogniSwitch Network Appliances, Rackmount Servers

Rackmount Network ApplianceThe CogniSwitch Network Appliance product line combines the functionality of a server and a switch into a single, compact, rackmount appliance. Our mixed-mode technology packages can be optimized for high-port-count switching or even low latency packet inspection.

Featuring high-bandwidth and low latency, each rackmount appliance can handle full line-rate processing for various packet processing functions including forwarding, load balancing, and traffic management for applications in Deep Packet Inspection Systems, High Frequency Trading, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and more. Choose your network appliance from our current selection of standard offerings or contact JumpGen to discuss a custom appliance that can incorporate multi-core processors and switch designs using the latest technologies from Intel, Broadcom, EZchip and more.

CSW-1240 Server-Switch Platform with Broadcom Trident II Switching

This 40-port switch appliance features an Intel Xeon E5 v2 Family Processor with a Broadcom Trident II Ethernet switch.

N4R-200 Dual EZchip Appliance with Broadcom Trident Plus Switching

This revolutionary dual EZchip NP-4 processor appliance integrates Intel x86 and Broadcom high-density Trident Plus switching technology.

R7R-400 Quad Broadcom XLR 732 Rack Mount 1U Server with Integrated Intel FM4224 10GigE Switching

The R7R-400 is a high performance 1U network appliance with 28 SFP+ front panel ports that fits into the standard 19 inch wide rack enclosure.

Application Specific Platforms

We are pleased to be supporting the latest in multi-core processor technology from Intel, Cavium, Broadcom, Tilera, EZchip, and Freescale, as well as Xilinx FPGA. Recent applications include line-rate deep packet inspection, low-latency platforms for algorithmic financial trading, and top-of-rack switches and load balancing for Application Delivery Controllers (ADC)