Cavium OCTEON II & OCTEON III Packet Processing Cards

Cavium OCTEON II Cavium OCTEON III packet processorJumpGen Systems offers Cavium OCTEON packet processing designs using the latest technologies from Cavium Networks, including Cavium OCTEON III.

O3E-100 PCI Express Cavium OCTEON III CN78XX Packet Processor Card

This new design, based on the Cavium Networks OCTEON III CN78XX NPU, takes advantage of the next-generation OCTEON III performance improvements. Read more…

O2E-100 PCI Express Cavium OCTEON II CN68XX Packet Processor Card

The O2E-100 is based on the Cavium Networks OCTEON II CN68XX Multi-Core MIPS64 Processor. Read more…

Custom Blades

When existing designs do not meet all your requirements, JumpGen Systems can offer rapid turnaround on customizations (optimizations or add/remove features) of these blades without requiring a large upfront commitment. We can also design a fully custom board in record time, by reusing the experience and the proven design of our standard products. Our customers get high performance, the latest technologies and fast time-to-market. As a partner, we offer flexibility, agility, and an engineering team with a proven track record of success and experience in manufacturing high performance blades for the embedded market.