Full-Mesh ATCA Blades, Low-Latency Switches

atca platformUsing the latest technologies from Intel and Broadcom, JumpGen Systems offers aTCA multicore processor and switch designs for network elements such as Top-of-Rack Switches, Load Balancing, and Deep Packet Inspection. The aTCA platform from JumpGen Systems includes 40G full mesh blades integrating high-bandwidth low-latency switches.

R7A-200 Dual Broadcom XLR Packet Processor Hub or Full Mesh Node Blade

The R7A-200 is a high-performance network processor AdvancedTCAâ„¢ card designed for use in star or full mesh aTCA blade and multi-core systems. It features the latest Broadcom XLR732 eight core processor or XLR716 quad core processor and up to 8GB of dual-channel 72-bit wide DDR2 ECC memory running at 800 MHz per XLR processor. Bulk encryption makes the R7A-200 ideal for security applications in wireless and wireline access points, switches and routers, radio network controllers, media gateways and video processing applications. Read more…

PSA-110 AMC Carrier 10G Managed Switch Card

The PSA-110 is the Intel (previously Fulcrum) FM3224/FM4224 10 Gigabit Ethernet low latency switch based AMC carrier board in a single slot aTCA platform. The board supports up to 3 Mid-Size B+ AMC bays, each with two 10GBase-KX4 Fat Pipe and two 1000Base-KX Base interfaces. Read more…

PSA-111 AMC Carrier 10G Unmanaged Switch Card

Based on the previously described PSA-110, the PSA-111 can be used either as a Node Board or a 5-slot Hub Board in a standard aTCA carrier. The 3 AMC bay and 2 AMC bay configurations both support front panel RJ-45 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet. Read more…

Custom Blades

When existing designs do not meet all your requirements, JumpGen Systems can offer rapid turnaround on customizations (optimizations or add/remove features) of these blades without requiring a large upfront commitment. We can also design a fully custom board in record time, by reusing the experience and the proven design of our standard products. Our customers get high performance, the latest technologies and fast time-to-market. As a partner, we offer flexibility, agility, and an engineering team with a proven track record of success and experience in manufacturing high performance blades for the embedded market.