Application Specific Solutions

In addition to our standard products, JumpGen Systems designs and manufactures purpose-built solutions based on latest technology from Intel, Cavium, Broadcom, EZchip, Netronome, Tablula, Xilinx, Tilera, Freescale, Mellanox, QLogic, and PLX in a variety of form factors. Fostering close relationships with these silicon vendors and more, we have early access to samples and and are able to release product in parallel with the vendor release.

SDN / NFV: Software-focused SDN and NFV companies recognize JumpGen platform development as a key enabler of their best-in-class products. We develop high performance network / compute appliances with a high level of integration between the processors (X86 or network processors like EZchip, Cavium, Broadcom) and switching fabric (i.e. Broadcom Trident II, Plus). Network Appliance. See also: OpenFlow-Based Server Appliance

ADC (Load Balancing, TOR switch): Utilizing FPGA, LSI, Q-Logic, Mellanox, PLX, Broadcom switch and Intel technologies, JumpGen’s mixed-mode technology platforms lead to best-in-class products for your Data Center appliance. Application Delivery Controllers / Switches

Storage: Maximize bandwidth and computing for next-gen storage infrastructure: JumpGen is currently shipping private-label embedded controllers for market leading storage systems used for virtualization, databases, and cloud infrastructure. Since an off-the shelf server takes up too much space in the rack, we built a condensed, high-density hardware solution combining a server plus other computer appliance hardware. Storage Appliance. See also Application Delivery Controllers

OpenFlow-based Server Appliances: Especially in high-end applications, off-the shelf servers and blades do not offer the same performance and density that can be achieved with a purpose-built, multi-mode technology platform. Don’t be limited by the capabilities of commodity hardware. If you are unwilling to compromise your application’s capabilities, chose JumpGen to design hardware that maximizes functionality and integrates market leading features. OpenFlow-Based Server Appliance

Deep Packet Inspection: Cutting-edge platforms for line-rate Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). Standard products include Cavium Octeon II and Broadcom XLR / XLP processing technologies. Other technologies are available. PCIe Packet Processor Cards. See also Network Appliances.

Network Security: For wire-speed packet processing, you can select an Intel-based PCIe board or utilize JumpGen’s ground-up design approach to build an application-specific appliance without compromising on cost or time-to-market.

Military: To achieve the size, weight, and power requirements of today’s rugged, portable military computers, you need a purpose-built approach. Plus, JumpGen’s agile development process can save your project the headache of dealing with multiple vendors. As projects progress, other needs often pop up (i.e. specialized testing and additional validation fixtures). You can rely on our engineering expertise to fill in the gaps. Rugged Embedded Computers

High Frequency Trading: You want a tech savvy company that is always doing their homework and analyzing – and working with – different technologies to achieve the lowest latency, wire-speed packet processing. JumpGen has several processor cards to handle this task effectively. Latest technology and custom variants are available. PCIe Packet Processor Cards

Image Analysis: Whether you need a simple processor card with an integrated graphics controller, front-panel video-connect and Mini DisplayPort interface or a custom multi-chassis system to handle an enormous amount of processing, contact JumpGen to discuss your application requirements.

Medical: By employing JumpGen to design and manufacture your embedded compute hardware and I/O modules, you reduce your EOL exposure and have a superior product. You won’t need to revalidate another off-the-shelf component vendor again.