Products: Multi Core Processor Cards, Blades and Solutions

Multi core Processor Cards, Blades, and SolutionsPARPRO Embedded Systems delivers switching platforms and multi-core processor cards and blades in AdvancedMC, full mesh AdvancedTCA, PCI Express and custom form factors. Our customers include Tier 1 and Tier 2 Network and Telecom Equipment Manufacturers, defense companies, and other embedded board manufacturers. We are pleased to be supporting the latest in multi-core processor technology from Intel, Cavium, Broadcom, Tilera, EZchip, and Freescale, as well as Xilinx FPGA. Recent applications include line-rate deep packet inspection, low-latency platforms for algorithmic financial trading, and top-of-rack switches and load balancing for Application Delivery Controllers (ADC). PARPRO Embedded Systems is committed to the rapid delivery of innovative multi-core and switching platforms for your embedded computing solutions. Our standard products include:

CogniSwitch Appliances: Server-Switch and Packet Inspection Platforms

ATCA Blades

PCI Express boards

AMC Modules

Intel Processors & Switches

Broadcom Packet Processing

Cavium Packet Processing

EZchip Processing

Tilera Packet Processing

Ethernet I/O Cards