Our goal for you … game-changing embedded hardware.

NOW. When it can have the most impact.
Simply-put, our approach is to start with direct engineer to engineer engagement for early feasibility analysis. This quick kick-start ensures that your project moves quickly through the design and manufacturing process – which equates to fast time to market.

High-End Hardware Development: well-balanced for power, cooling, bandwidth, and I/O capacity. PARPRO Embedded Systems meticulous working knowledge of components in embedded system design allows us to quickly respond to complex requests and jump-start custom hardware platform development. Improve latency and bandwidth. PARPRO engineers have vast experience with many different technologies and are better utilized designing a platform from the ground up with a technology agnostic approach. We might just make the hardware but it’s the functionality of the final product that is our ultimate design goal. Is that I/O? Power? Latency?.

Mixed-Mode Technology: a unique combination of silicon components, unavailable with an off-the-shelf server configuration. By combining multiple technologies into one rackmount unit, PARPRO’s space-saving appliances can merge a server and a switch into one box – or packet processing with switching capabilities into a single, compact unit.

Private Label Support: Software-focused companies benefit from this approach. Spend your time on your capabilities and features – not modifying your code to work on standard servers, – so you can promote a full-solution to your product with features to make you stand ahead of the competition. PARPRO can design a condensed, high-density hardware appliance that is more elegant and much smaller than standard servers. Added benefit: by bypassing the standard server distribution channels, our customers capture more of the revenue stream.

Manufacturing Support: means early access to new technology and long lead parts, Design for Manufacturability (DFM), and thorough Design Validation Testing (DVT). Plus, direct relationships with component vendors means access to insider information regarding performance, release dates, etc. When you choose to have your hardware built specifically for your needs, the design engineers who build it are your support team, meaning issues get resolved quickly.

Transfer of IP: If you wish to take over the IP, our business model is flexible for this option. However, we do recommend using our manufacturing services in the beginning so that all design components are fully tested.

BIOS, OS Customization, Software integration: PARPRO provides complete source code to the BIOS and can provide any customization required directly without the expense of having to outsource or involve 3rd parties.

Certification Support: Regulatory certifications assistance at a system level or we can provide information so that you can do it – whatever works for your business model and pricing structure.