Embedded Computing Solutions

Embedded ComputersWorking efficiently with our customers and technology partners, PARPRO Embedded Systems (formerly JumpGen Systems) is committed to the rapid delivery of innovative multi-core and switching platforms for your embedded computers. Recent applications include wire-speed packet processing, high capacity storage appliances, Software Defined Network (SDN) servers, line-rate deep packet inspection, low-latency platforms for algorithmic financial trading, top-of-rack switches and load balancing for Application Delivery Controllers (ADC), image analysis, and complex firewall security. PARPRO Embedded Systems focuses on Network and Telecom Equipment Manufacturers; we have a proven track record supporting Alcatel Lucent, Ericsson, Motorola and numerous Tier 2 TEMs. We also provide solutions to defense companies, and to other Embedded Board Manufacturers. For more information please visit parpro.com

PARPRO prides itself on the following key differentiators:
– Fast, efficient, talented and highly-available engineering team.
– Standard products (AMC, ATCA, PCIe)
– Fast turnaround custom products or variants on existing blades
– Quick Time to Market: concept to GA in 3-6 months on switching and multi-core platforms depending on complexity.
– Close partner relationships with strategic silicon vendors Intel, Cavium, EZchip, Broadcom, and Tilera
– Flexible Business model

PARPRO has established some recent industry milestones:
– Powerful, high-end PCie card with Cavium Octeon II CN86XX processor
– The first AMC platform for Intel® 4th Gen Core™ i5/i7 processor (formerly “Haswell”)
– OpenFlow-based switch appliance with dual EZchip NP-4 design, coupled with the Intel X86 for general-purpose processing and Broadcom Trident II switches
– Application Delivery Controllers based on the Intel Xeon E5-2600 v2 processor

JumpGen Systems was founded in 2006, and recently acquired by PARPRO Inc., a US subsidiary of Pilot Electronics, Taiwan. Our engineering and management team has been together providing board-level design and production of multi-core and switching platforms for over 15 years.

PARPRO Embedded Systems is an Executive Member of PICMG® and a General Member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance.

If you are interested joining the PARPRO team, please visit our Careers page for a list of available positions.