Software-Focused Core & Edge Network Companies Select JumpGen’s Hardware Expertise

Recognized as a key enabler of the most capable, premium appliances in the SDN ecosystem, JumpGen Systems announces 2 more Design Wins.

Carlsbad, CA January 20, 2014: JumpGen Systems has been selected to deliver a high density OpenFlow switch appliance and a custom-built network management controller for two software companies limited by the capabilities of commodity hardware. In need of hardware designs that maximize functionality and integrate market leading features, software-focused data center providers are selecting JumpGen Systems for its ground-up design approach, engineer-driven project management, and fast time to market.

Especially in high-end applications, off-the shelf servers and blades do not offer the same performance and density that can be achieved with a customized unit. Unwilling to compromise their application’s capabilities, two software-focused companies recently chose JumpGen to design and manufacture hardware which integrates features that launch their competitive advantage to the next level. “When the hardware is tailored to enable your company’s unique solution, your time and resources can focus on improving and finessing your embedded solutions capabilities and unique market features that set you apart from the competition,” emphasizes JumpGen President, Harry White. “When off the shelf servers do not allow your software to achieve its maximum potential, the low-risk engagement model JumpGen offers makes for a win-win situation.”

First to market is a high-density OpenFlow switch appliance with dual EZchip architecture in a single platform. The dual EZchip NP-4 design, coupled with the Intel X86 for general-purpose processing and Broadcom Trident II switches, gives unprecedented throughput in a 1U appliance form factor.

Following is a 2U Xeon-class network management controller with 40x1G and 10x10G ports. It includes specialized operator-friendly features, unavailable on off-the-shelf servers, in a single integrated package customized to the OEM’s private-label look. Other customer-specific designs using the EZchip NP-5 with the Broadcom XLP II are in development.

“We are very excited to announce these strategic Design Wins, which position JumpGen as the go-to hardware developer for bleeding-edge technology in the Data Center space. Our success with these customers demonstrates the winning power of our differentiated positioning – including unique technology and products, and super-responsive customization and support capabilities,” suggests Fred Barden, VP Sales & Business Development.

JumpGen Systems offers a compelling mix of high-performance, fast time to market, and affordability. Providing platforms designed from the ground-up and utilizing latest technologies for unbeatable performance, JumpGen’s application-specific design and manufacturing services lead to best-in-class products for Software Defined Network (SDN) servers, top-of-rack switches, load-balancing for Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) and OpenFlow servers – as well as embedded data center storage system engines for high-capacity storage appliances. Contact JumpGen today to discuss your application with our hardware engineers, evaluate technology options, and begin the design-up approach JumpGen offers.

About JumpGen Systems:

Best known for its industry expertise in application-specific platform design, JumpGen Systems delivers hardware solutions to embedded customers in industry standard form factors such as AdvancedMC™, AdvancedTCA®, and PCI® Express, as well as custom, proprietary solutions. An agile and innovative supplier of critical embedded computing products, JumpGen Systems is a privately held and an employee-owned company headquartered in Carlsbad, California. JumpGen Systems is a General Member of the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance and an Executive Member of PICMG®. For more information, visit
For more information, email JumpGen at or call (760) 931-7800.

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